The fees, regardless of the subject matter covered, shall be based on a hourly rate of :

121,00 € VAT included (100,00€ VAT excluded) for individuals,

151,25€ VAT included (125,00 VAT excluded) for professionals.

They include all initiatives and obligations performed during the chosen process, the follow-up on the case, telephone conversations, consultations with the mediator, meetings, drafting of all documents, consultancy and expertise.

The disbursements are related to the administrative and travel costs.

They are obviously distinct from the fees and are in addition to these :

  • Typing costs shall be charged at a rate of 10,00 € per page ;
  • Travel costs shall be charged at a rate of 0,50€ per kilometre ;
  • The postal fees shall be charged according to the postal rate in force.

Provisions may be required in order to ensure the process and follow-up of specific cases.  

The on-line dispute resolutions shall be payable in advance by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

In case of co-mediation, the amount of the fees shall be increased by 50 %.

Note : family mediations are exempt from VAT according to Article 44, § 2 5° of the VAT Code.

With regard to Arbitration, the expenses of the proceedings range from 100 to 5,000 euros (VAT excluded).

The expenses, just like the costs (mailing, travelling,...) shall be payable by the unsuccessful party, subject to proration if there is wrong on both sides. 

A compensation for the costs of the proceedings may be claimed by the party who won the arbitration, at the expenses of its opponent. 

Unlike proceedings before national courts, the interests at stake do not need to be defended by a lawyer, and the amount involved can be higher than the one -symbolically- provided by the Judicial Code. 

This compensation shall be determined equitably by the Arbitrator. It can take into account the time spent and expenses incurred in the proceedings by the litigant or its representative.

Upon request, the costs to be paid can be accompanied by different payment methods chosen by the Arbitrator, but in any case, the costs will be, just like in mediation, divided by the number of parties who have a separate interest.


For all of our services, financial assistance is always possible through legal aid.

Link : Legal Aid (only in FR and NL)