Who are we ?

Welcome to the Belgian Conflict Management Centre (CEBEGECO) :

« For a sustainable and responsible resolution of conflicts »

The amicable settlement of disputes involves an approach based on freedom, the assumption of its own responsibilities, the ability to listen to and respect others, a space for communication conductive to creativity, to trust each other in order to develop the confidence and capacity to review its own point of view.

With the existence of a wide diversity of approaches and modalities, it is possible to resolve situations that have been deadlocked at all levels and in all areas, even the most sensitive ones of everyday life.  

Being a state of mind just as much as a rigorous practice, the amicable settlement of disputes is open for everyone.

The CEBEGECO partners are specialised in conflicts management and in the alternative methods of resolving them, such as through mediation. They are trained in using correctly the different methods, approaches, techniques of communication and of crisis management (NLP, NVC, interest-based negotiation, systemic, ...).  

Their working tools enable them to seek a solution to the conflict by analysing the root and underlying causes of the problem, as well as seeking solutions where both parties are to win (« Win-Win process »), with the inherent consequences of sustainable solutions.   

Successful communication is thus the major asset.

Why choose CEBEGECO ?

Disputes involve face-to-face situations with persons, enterprises, ...

In many cases, an amicable solution is preferable to a judicial solution.

Overcoming a crisis, addressing a conflict or even resolving it with more serenity enables each individual to be the « protagonist » of its own future and therefore to make informed choices.  

The negotiated solutions meet the will, the needs and the expectations of the parties. They preserve whatever link there is and open up new perspectives for the future.

What is the point of wasting time (and money) in interminable conflicts ?

Life is about moving forward and looking far ahead. 

Give your conflicts a touch of amicability and embrace change ! You will emerge greater and stronger from this experience ... 

Dispute resolution methods

Video conference

A tool for dispute resolution at a distance (regularly used in cross-border disputes).

The application shall be made through the website by filling in a contact form with the details of the parties as well as a brief description of the dispute.

After having received the written agreement from both parties with regard to the on-line process (+ the direct debit authorisation) as well as the amicable resolution method chosen, CEBEGECO then organises one or multiple meeting(s) through video conference via its navigation system.