Video conference

Request for Mediation form

Means of executing the on-line mediation

The client may register through the personal space on the website or may directly contact CEBEGECO by e-mail or by telephone. The latter then provides all useful information about the opportunity to start an on-line mediation process and how it takes place.


Stage 1

The client submits its application using the on-line form by clearly, completely and exactly filling it out according to the steps described in it.

Once registered, the Client has access to the on-line payment module.

It then completes its application by transferring the amount required to its electronic wallet.

After confirmation of the order, a mediator certified by the Federal Mediation Commission is assigned to the case.

The latter contacts the party(-ies) and invite it(them) to attend a first information meeting by video conference. Each party is free to accept the process or not.


Stage 2

The information meeting is scheduled after the registration of all parties on the CEBEGECO website and when the electronic wallet of each party has been credited with the minimum amount required, the cost of the meeting being charged prior to it. 

At the end of this information meeting, the parties may choose to begin the mediation process or not. If the parties decide to begin the mediation process, a mediation protocol is signed by them as well as by the certified mediator in accordance with Article 1731 of the Judicial Code. (Protocols: professional / individual).

The mediator will take care of sending an original and signed document to each of the parties. A scanned version will also be sent by e-mail to those interested or will be posted in the personal space.


Stage 3

The first session can then be fixed.  Each on-line mediation session lasts 1 hour. The parties are the ones bearing the costs of the session according to the rate established in the mediation protocol.

The rate includes the value added tax (except for family mediation which is exempt from VAT).

The amount of the fees of the mediator will be charged from the electronic wallet of each of the parties prior to the session. The number of sessions cannot be determined in advance. It is the parties who establish their own agenda based on the availability of the mediator and the frequency of the sessions.

Stage 4

After completion of the process, the mediator may, at the request of the parties, draft a mediation agreement for a fixed amount that will be determined by mutual agreement (the cost varies depending on the complexity of the dispute at hand). This amount will be charged from the electronic wallet of the Client prior to the drafting.

Stage 5

If necessary, the agreement reached by the parties can be certified by a judge.